You can find our Spring 2021 recruitment schedule below! If you have any conflicts, please let the recruitment co-chairs, Emily and Will, know beforehand! All of our Open Recruitment events are posted with more detailed descriptions on Heellife.

See the "Eligibility and Requirements" section for more detailed requirements. Feel free to contact Recruitment with any questions at!

Zoom Link for Recruitment
Click Here
Meeting ID: 988 1900 9483

Interest Meetings
Feb 17 @ 6:30pm
Feb 18 @ 7:30pm

Open Recruitment Week 1
Feb 22 @ 7pm - Show & Tell
Feb 23 @ 6pm - Speed Dating
Feb 25 @ 7pm - Game Night
Feb 26 @ 7pm - Mandatory Friday Social

Closed Recruitment Week 2
March 1st @ 7pm - Arts & Crafts
March 2nd @ 6pm - Game Night
March 4th @ 7pm - Chatty Squirrels
March 5th @ 7pm - Mandatory Friday Social

Photo by Phi Sigma Pi at UNC in Chapel Hill, North Carolina with @emilyrmurray1, and @willbucher. May be an image of text that says 'Event Calendar ΦΣΠ Open Recruitment Mon. Feb.22 Feb. 22nd Feb. 26th Show and Tell 7pm 8pm Tues. Feb.23 Speed Dating 6pm- 7pm You are required to attend TWO of Thursday events AND Friday Social. All events will be conducted remotely over Zoom use the Zoom code below: 988 1900 9483 Wed. Feb.24 Break Night! Work on your Fact Sheet Application! Thur. Feb.25 Feb. RSVP to the events you will be attending: Game Night 7pm -8pm Fri. Feb.26 Friday Social (Required!) 7pm- 8:30pm Fact Sheet Application due! Have questions or attendance conflicts? Email Will Emily at pspakrecruitment'.