About Recruitment

We're happy to see you're interested in joining the PSP family! Recruitment is a two-week-long process that gives you the opportunity to learn more about the fraternity and us a chance to get to know you. The activities are designed to introduce the valuees of the fraternity to Potential New Members (PNMs). Check out the following video to see what we're all about!

If you have any questions about any of the information you read below, please contact Emily Murray and Will Bucher, the Recruitment Co-Chairs, at pspakrecruitment@gmail.com.

Recruitment: The Process

Open Recruitment

The first week of Recruitment is “open,” meaning that everyone who meets the eligibility requirements may attend any (and all) of the scheduled events! By attending these fun events, you will get to know the Siblings and other PNMs and help the Siblings get to know you! These events will help us determine whether or not to invite you back for the second week of recruitment, Closed Recruitment.

To be eligible to be invited back for Closed, you will need to attend three out of the four events during Open Recruitment, one of which must be the Friday event. You will also need to complete the Open Recruitment Fact Sheet that will be emailed to you (or which can be found under "Recruitment Forms").

We understand that you may have some scheduling conflicts, so if you cannot meet one of the requirements, please notify our Recruitment Chairs, Emily and Will, as soon as possible at pspakrecruitment@gmail.com.

Closed Recruitment

After Open Recruitment, we will notify and invite back the applicants that we feel may be the best fit for Phi Sigma Pi. Only those notified by the Recruitment Chairs are invited to attend the events of Closed Recruitment, and it is from these Potential New Members that the next class of Phi Sigma Pi Initiates will be chosen.

During the week of Closed Recruitment, it is required that you attend three out of the four events, one of which must be the Friday event. Dress for the Friday event is business casual (think "class presentation" dresscode). Again, if you know you will have a scheduling conflict, please notify the Recruitment chairs, Callie and Francisco, before the event.

Decisions and Invitations to Become a Sibling

After the two weeks of Recruitment are over, select Potential New Members will be invited to join the new initiation class. Decisions will be sent out early on the Saturday morning following the last day of Closed Recruitment.

How to Make the Most of Recruitment

The recruitment process is meant to be a fun experience that helps you get to know Phi Sigma Pi and to help Phi Sigma Pi get to know you! It is very important that the siblings get to know you during Recruitment, so make the effort to talk to them during events! Because we are a large fraternity, we encourage you to focus on the quality of your conversations and relationships with the Siblings that you do have the chance to meet. The Siblinghood chooses future members based on their commitment to the three ideals of the Tripod and the ideas, service, or leadership that they can bring to the fraternity.

For more detailed recruitment information, please check out our Spring 2021 recruitment packet, found here or under "Recruitment Forms"!