About Committees

Committees are an essential part of the structure of Phi Sigma Pi. The Vice President leads the committee system and presides over committee Chairs. In order to foster the development of leadership and to facilitate the running of our chapter, all siblings without leadership positions must serve on one of Alpha Kappa’s twelve committees.

Each of the committees is led by one or two chairs, who are elected by the chapter each semester. The committees are given budgets which allow them the freedom to coordinate and make events such as Mountain Weekend, skills trainings, or Formal.

Siblings are not bound to a committee for their entire time in PSP; the system allows siblings the ability to try new things and pique new interests each semester.

Alumni Committee

Alumni Committee serves as a liaison between current members of PSP and siblings that have graduated. Alumni Committee makes sure that alumni stay well-informed of major events that occur in the Fraternity. It establishes a link between generations so that alumni can still actively participate even when they have graduated.

Alumni Committee holds one big event every semester. In the fall, we host the Alumni Tailgate, which usually falls on Homecoming weekend, when many alumni will already be in Chapel Hill. In the spring, we host the Senior Roast, which is a final farewell to all the senior Siblings.

Fellowship Committee

Fellowship Committee organizes events that increase the Fellowship portion of the Tripod. Ranging from semi-formals to movie nights to mixers, this committee focuses on increasing the bonds among Siblings.

Fundraising Committee

The Fundraising Committee works to both raise funds for the Fraternity and facilitate merchandise orders for Siblings. Examples of past fundraisers include Kendra Scott, Lotsa, and Benny Cappella's.

This Committee's mission is to raise money for the general activities and budgets of the fraternity as well as to provide opportunities for financial relief for siblings experiencing financial difficulties. Fundraising is also actively working to lower the costs of merchandise and to make the fraternity more financially accessible for all Siblings and Potential New Members.

Intentional Programming Committee

Intentional Programming (IP), is a committee focused on inclusivity and social awareness in PSP programming. This semester, IP is looking forward to partnering with Scholarship committee to host HAVEN training, participate in inherent biases assessments, and facilitate taking the Black and Blue Tour.

Inter-Chapter Representative (ICR)

The ICR and their committee serve as a point of contact with other chapters and organize events which include other chapters, especially in North Carolina like those at NC State, UNC-Greensboro, or ECU. They organize events like an outing to the State Fair and in the past have invited other smaller chapters to our semi-formals or formals.

Intramural/Recreation Committee

The IM/Rec committee focuses on facilitating fellowship between Siblings in PSP through athletics and activity. Some of its responsibilities include arranging co-recreational IM teams, hiking trips, and fantasy football leagues.

IT Committee

IT Committee works to integrate technology into chapter functions. In addition to maintaining this website and electronic voting and check-in, IT is always working on new ideas. If you have questions, comments, concerns, or ideas, please email the current IT Chairs!

Public Relations Committee

From managing our social media accounts to advertising our various events throughout the semester, PR committee's goal is to bridge the gap between PSP and the campus community. PR works closely with Recruitment but is always looking for more ideas on how to represent PSP year-round. Check out PSP on our social media, linked below or on the home page!

Scholarship Committee

The scholarship Committee is a platform for siblings to share their passions with the Fraternity and upholds our philosophy of "lifelong learning".

Scholarship Committee is dedicated to the ideal of scholarship within the classroom; however, academic success is only a small part of embodying this ideal! The Scholarship Committee strives to provide Siblings with opportunities that will help us grow intellectually but also socially and culturally.

Service Committee

The Service Committee is dedicated to bringing the Fraternity together on projects that support the local community. Our biggest annual event is our involvement in Special Olympics, which takes place in the Spring. This event brings together kids with disabilities while also raising awareness about issues concerning disabilities.

The Service Committee will also hold various other activities and events that support local charities as well as the Chapel Hill community as a whole. Service is a great way to form fellowship among the siblings while also making a positive impact.